Can't access the KoBoToolbox on my browser

I had Kobotoolbox successfully installed on my own server about a year ago and had proceeded to collect data with it for some time. However, I have not used it for the past couple of months and didn’t renew my domain name(where kobo was to be accessed from) for a while once it expired. I have recently renewed it and set it to resolve to my servers ip address. I however still can’t access the kobotoolbox on my browser. Does anyone have any guidance on how I should get the server back up?

Welcome to the community @anon! Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously (it should help you solve your issue):

And this post could also be helpful:

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Hi @Kal_Lam , Thanks for this. But the articles are about a different set of problems. My issue is that for a while I did not own the domain name previously used to install kobotoolbox on my server. Now that i have renewed the domain name and set it to resolve to my servers ip address is there sth I can do (short of reinstalling kobotoolbox) to access kobotoolbox through that domain. I’m afraid reinstalling would cause a loss of previously collected data