Can't change login background picture

I’m trying to personalise login page on self-installed Kobotoolbox. I created parameter login_background thought Django admin panel but background is empty now.

What did I wrong?

I suggest that you provide as much information as possible on what you had tried to do.

I tried to change login background of web-page of Kobotoolbox server.
There is options in Django administration panel:
1 Click “Configuration files”
2 Click “Add configuration file”
3 Select “login_background” from drop-down list and browse new image from your computer
4 Click “Save”

I have done this but don’t see new image and default image disappeared.

Hi @nbtl2cu
Have you tried this with different image types and sizes to see if the image does not change for all of them?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I tried also place original image as custom image (same size and resolution). I see link to my image in source CSS:
but actually it is absent on this path.
I see message:

Not Found
The requested URL /media/myPicture.jpg was not found on this server.

when i open the link.

Just confirming that when you place this on your browser kf.mydomain.tld/media/myPicture.jpg do you get the image opening?


The custom background feature was hastily built for a client who used Amazon S3 storage. I guess it doesn’t work for local storage; I’m sorry to hear that. It’s not something we support or can invest developer time into fixing. Pull requests would be welcome:


I was looking for something similar, and just found a solution. Like the previous comments say, the project is opensource!

A quick and easy way would be to replace/download the image files in your server directory, and replace it with the photo name currently being used in kobo.

You have 2 directories to modify.




you can change these 3 files photo files,

kobologoS.svg — notice it is an .svg file and this is for the mobile version after you login the page
kobologo.svg – main logo in the loginpage and registration page

wallpaper takes effect in the first directory. Remember to use root privileges.

you can directly download and replace the name using the following command in your server terminal, download photo from a direct weblink

curl -o kobologo.svg weblink/picture.svg

a quick way to check if your photo is downloaded you can check it in your browser, for example:




Hope it helps, let me know!


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Thanks @omerkhoshnaw. Please note, though, that custom files you set this way may be automatically overwritten when you restart your server or Docker containers, or when you upgrade KoBoToolbox.

I’m happy to say that Make KPI media accessible (via NGINX?) · Issue #175 · kobotoolbox/kobo-docker · GitHub is now fixed, so you should be able set a new background image using the Django Admin UI as shown in the first post in this topic. I’d recommend doing that and only resorting to manually overwriting files if something is broken—and in that case, please report the bug.


Jnm, thank you for the comments! that is great to hear. I Will give it a try through Django next time on another server!