Can't deploy and preview form

Can’t deploy and preview form. Am using ubuntu server. Xls file is checked and it is valid, While trying to preview, it shows 504 error. While deploying, the error pops up as ‘unable to deploy
if this problem persists, contact check your connection and try again.’

How to solve this issue. Thanks

Welcome to the community, @Janet! Are you on a self hosted server? Did you validate your XLSForm through this online validator?

Try to check your firewall
bypass ports that belong to kobo or try to disable the firewall.

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Yes. Its is a self hosted server. XLS Form is validated and it is valid

Firewall is already disabled. PfSense is used as a router.
504 error is raising while previewing or deploying.

Is there any other solution.

I have configured domain kf, ee and kc in same 80 port. Is that right?

can you try to disable your PfSense firewall
or try to open below ports

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