Can't download media with form on KoboCollect app


When adding preloads and a few images to my form, I can easily download the form to the KoboCollect app with all media attached. However, when I add images to the form and download the new version, only a subset of the newly uploaded media is downloaded. Even more odd, when I upload all media (the original ones and the new images) at the same time when creating a new form and then download a new form on the KoboCollect app, only the form is downloaded without any media. I already checked and can confirm that all the images were successfully uploaded to the form, which is why i find it odd that only a few media would be downloaded when updating the form. And it doesn’t seem to be a network issue.

Thank you for your help in solving this puzzle!

Welcome to the community, @logri_zambia2024! Please be informed that you will need to redeploy the project once you upload media files. Please also ensure that the media file names have not been duplicated for the project. In such cases, that may also cause issues.

Hi Kal_Lam,
Thank you for your welcoming message and for your help. I did exactly that - I first uploaded 15 media files and deployed the form, before adding 696 pictures (all resized, and first checked that they were all uploaded thanks to Josh’s neat trick) and re-deployed it. I also confirm that media files names are unique. I then downloaded the form on the KoboCollect app for the first time and only the form is downloaded, with none of the media (just did it again) :confused:

@logri_zambia2024, could you also let us know the server you are using? Don’t you think 696 image questions are a lot? Why would you need to have such a huge number of images in a single project (questionnaire)?

Thank you again @Kal_Lam Do you mean URL? If so, it’s
Enumerators will be going back to the field and locating specific properties, based on the property pictures that were taken during the baseline. Properties are very close to each other and property pictures help them locate the properties better than by only using GPS coordinates. The total number of property pictures is even higher, but I’m splitting the survey into three to reduce the number of pictures in the preload.

@Kal_Lam - does that mean that KoboCollect has a limit on the number of media files to attach to a form? My data collection will start tomorrow - if this is the case, I may need to use another platform but would, of course, rather use KoboCollect given my positive experience with the platform.

@logri_zambia2024, yes. A large submission would time out when attempting to submit to the server.