Can't download the data with label

Hi, When I am downloading the data, the data is being downloaded as xml value instead of as label, Even after I select the data type as label again and again, it is being downloaded as an xml value.
please help!

@kobotoolboxbd, maybe try reset the download by pressing the trash bin as shown in the image below:

That should reset your download. Let us know what happens.

Thank you Kal_Lam, I did all the possible things that you suggested but still not working. My other forms are working very well. I also duplicate this file and try to download the data after some dummy submission, which is also downloaded with the same XML value. Here I share my user id with you, if possible please look at the problem and give me a solution.

userid: xxxxxxx


Project/form name: “Form-1: Activity Monitoring Form (GASNY2)-Final_V1”

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@kobotoolboxbd, I assume that you made some label updates recently and redeployed the form. When I unchecked the Include fields from all 13 versions as shown in the image below:


I was able to get the labels for the download. An alternative way to get the labels for the download is to use the XLS (legacy) format.

Thank you for your help, I already did that and found it as you mentioned, but the problem is my previously submitted data is connected with my Excel query ( through API/v2 ), and there are lots of steps I already followed to make my dashboard, I think you can understand how difficulties for me to replace the XML values with the labels. ( if there are no differences if unchecked the “include fields from all 13 versions” then maybe I can change some XML values with the label, and re-generate the api/v2 for sync with excel, but if this matter then its difficult)

@kobotoolboxbd, you have 13 deployed versions in your project. When was it that you added the label to it? Maybe that would be helpful for us.

sorry for the late response, may be it was 27 or 29 of May 2024.