Can't download the forms on Android Phone

Please help,

The forms can’t be downloaded on android phone even it worked before.
What is the main issue?

Welcome to the community, @wmorisemm! Which version of the Collect android app are you using?

Hi @wmorisemm
In addition to what @Kal_Lam has requested. Could you confirm what exactly worked before and which form did not work after that?


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I am using the version of KoBoCollect v1.30.1.

Before, the forms (for data collection) could be downloaded but now the forms can be only downloaded on tablet.

I’m having the same issue as you. In my case, I am unable to download the form on both mobile and tablet. I tried Kobo Collect and ODK Collect as well, however they both failed to download and displayed the word “Failure.”

@wmorisemm, @sujitshrestha as a quick check would you mind downloading your survey project as xlsorm and then validate them with this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues within your xlsform? Sometimes, you fail to get blank forms to your device when there are syntax issues in your xlsform. FYR here is a similar case:

Hello, the problem have been solved. The issue was caused because of VPN was opened.

Thanks all.

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Thank you for confirming and sharing the solution to the entire community, @wmorisemm!

Thanks a lot for your suggestion @Kal_Lam. It works.

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Thank you for confirming, @sujitshrestha!