Can't get dynamic data attachments to work

Hi there,

Been struggling for some time to connect two forms using the dynamic attachments. I have tried to follow the kobo guidelines as well as the solutions provided to others, but I don’t see any data being pulled from the parent into the child form.

Please see links to the parent and child forms. We want to use these forms for community-based surveillance where signals identified in the parent form are risk assessed in the child form. The type of signal and location of signal should be ideally pulled from the parent form based on the event_id


Any help in identifying the issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the community @patkeat! I would advise you to use the sample XLSForm shared in the support article to play around so that you understand the syntax. You should then be able to build up your own.

Hi @kal_lam. Thanks for your message. I’ve been playing around with those forms and they work fine and I have read the other solutions provided on here including removing the groupings around questions, but I still don’t manage to pull the data from the parent form. If possible to review the syntax I have in the form, it would be greatly appreciated. I just can’t figure out what is missing.


Hi @Kal_Lam . Wondering if you have had a chance to review the forms at all?
Thanks a lot!

With some help from some colleagues, we found that the issue with the linking seems to have been due to the use of a complex unique ID (a concatenation of multiple different variables) since a simpler integer based ID worked fine. We will see if possible to use a simpler ID for this process.