Can't load form error e.GlobalReset is a function

Hello, I have a problem, when I try to open a survey that is in draft I get the following message

I tried three surveys in draft, two types of surveys and three browsers, google chrome, brave and opera

could you help me, please?

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Could you check and preview with the online validator?
Can you find anything with GlobalReset in.the Form (in Excel)?

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surveys were working properly, in fact they have already loaded with it before, so I find it very rare

I have the same problem today. It was working fine before.
I already check it the XLS form and checked with online validator.
Nothing with “GlobalReset”

I’m having the same problem. It started today and I havent changed nothing on my forms. Alredy checked my xls forms and didnt find any globalReset function. Maybe that error can be correlated with the last release of kobo version 2.023.21.

@nazaret, @cflores, @Cecilia_nascimento, this seems to be an issue within the system. We shall investigate and get back to you once it is resolved.

FYI having the same problem on the server since yesterday, 2023-07-18.

@alexandreannic, we will fix this issue and let you know when it’s resolved.

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can we continue uploading information?

@OFMEALCAT, if it’s not urgent, I would advise you to halt it if you need to save it as a draft. But if it’s urgent, I would say you could proceed.

so the error occurs when saving as a draft ?

@OFMEALCAT, yes, you got that correct.

@nazaret, @cflores, @Cecilia_nascimento, @alexandreannic, @OFMEALCAT, please be informed that the issue has been fixed.

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Thank you so much!! :smiley:

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