Can't log in,just by huawei or honor

Hi.I found out that i cant log in with app just by huawei or honor phone brand.i can log in with other android mobiles, but i cant log in by huawei or honor mobiles with the same user account and the same general setting. My friends have huawei or honor and when i touch ‘get blank form’ i receive the message says cant connect to server and asks me to check user or pass are l. I checked their setting and their username on my samsung mobile and everything is ok but on their phone no. Date and time on their phone are correct. Please help

Welcome to the community, @tozi! Could you also share with the community the screenshot of the General Settings>Server? The community should be able to see if there are any typos in the settings.

Hi @tozi
Welcome to the community forum. KoBoCollect is not locked to work on particular brands of phones and it should work on the phones as long as they are android phones running later versions of Android. Could you confirm which Android version are installed within the Huwaei and Honor mobiles?


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