Can't save my form in KOBO Collect

Hi all,
I developed a project which ran perfectly for the last three months. Today, I made some changes in my form, and now it won’t save in my KOBO collect apps. I can save and submit the same form from my laptop. I have this problem when I try to collect data in my android KOBO Apps. When I fill up all required data and click the Save and Exit button, it takes me to the beginning of the form again. And surprisingly there exists no information which I provided a few moments ago. It shows data is incomplete where I have filled up all required field. Could anyone please help me out? I really appreciate any help you can provide.
I have attached my .xls form here for your better understanding.
WASH CFRM_Reply.xlsx (24.7 KB)

Screen Recording:

@tasfik_rukan, could not access the screen recording from google drive. Maybe you will need to make the sharing public.

Hi @Kal_Lam,
Can you try accessing to the drive now please?

@tasfik_rukan, I looked at your screen recording and here is my observations to it:

  • Recording 1: Maybe you will need to re-check the constraint used in that variable where the app is stuck when trying to save your record.
  • Recording 2: Maybe you will need to re-check the constraint used in the date where the app is stuck at the end.
  • Recording 3: Same as recording 1.

Hi @Kal_Lam,
Thanks for the reply. Your observation was right. After removing three important constraints, now I can save and send my record. . But, these three constraints are important to have in my form. Please note that all these three constraints were working fine in enketo, but did not work in the Kobo collect.
These three constraints are as below:

Constraints 1 (Date of feedback received): Data collectors won’t be able to put any date in advance. They will be able to put the date today or before. For this, I used this constraint: . <= date(today())

Constraint 2 (Date of response): Data collectors won’t be able to put any date before date of feedback received or put any date after today. For this I used this constraint: . >= ${c_feed_date} and . <= date(today())

Constraint 3 (Response time taken): Depending on the feedback received and response, time of response will be selected automatically. For these I used this constraint: step 1: round(${date_res} - ${c_feed_date}). Step 2: if(${C1}=0,‘1’,if(${C1}=1,‘2’,if(${C1}=2,‘3’,if(${C1}=3,‘4’,if(${C1}=4,‘5’,if(${C1}=5,‘6’,if(${C1}=6,‘7’,if(${C1}>=7 and ${C1}<=13,‘8’,if(${C1}>=14 and ${C1}<=20,‘9’,if(${C1}>=21,‘10’,’’))))))))))

Xls form is attached with highlighted yellow color. How can I make it work in kobo collect please? Any idea from you please? Thanks a lot for your support.
WASH CFRM_Reply.xlsx (24.8 KB)