Can't see some questions from submitted form and no skip logic was used and all questions were mandatory?

all the survey questions were mandatory with 129 questions, some submitted forms starts from question 1-32 and jump to 67-129 causing 33questions be unseen which is a mistake while other forms follows the set conditions. Example today, a person submitted 2 forms one jumped from 32 to 67while another did not jump.
What should i do to resolve the problem and they’re on field submitting?
Is there any way to see missing questions from all forms with the same problem since they keep changing the field station?

Hi @simeo_robert00,

Do you use any relevant conditions for questions to be seen?

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya
Yes, i did use were each question had mandatory response, and some questions depended on each other so I applied Skip logic.

Is there a skip logic in this jump?

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No skip logic used,

@simeo_robert00, curious to know if you ever bulk-edited your submissions.

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Am not sure if I ever bulk-edited but I did updates the forms and redeployed.
And now when they submit, some forms misses the questions 33-67 but some forms have every questions

@simeo_robert00, could you check this with the latest submissions to see if the same too has missing data in it?