Can't see submissions of my data


I am the owner of a survey that’s up on the humanitarian server and I know that a few more people have sent in responses, but their submissions don’t show up on the data. They have shared screenshots with us that their responses are successfully submitted, so there must be a server sync issue. Could you please support?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @vickys! Could you also let us know what they used to submit the data? I mean, did they use the Collect Android App or did they use Enketo? Could you also let us know when did this start happening?

Thank you, @Kal_Lam!

It was Enketo, we noticed that their data did not come in by Friday 14 July, so we checked in again yesterday and asked them to re-submit. Today we still don’t see their data although they sent a screenshot that it’s been successfully submitted. (see attached)

@vickys, can you confirm if you have two accounts or manage the project in one account? Generally, users have two accounts with the same name in our two public servers. They deploy the project in one of the servers and start collecting data. The data starts coming to the server. But they accidentally check it out on a different server. Could you ensure that this is not the case at your end?