Can't submit on webform

Hi! My colleagues and I are filling the PDM using the link below:

but we keep receiving this error message! Can anyone help?

@christal_azzam, are you an admin for this survey project or are you simply collecting data for this survey project?

Hi @christal_azzam
I just opened the link to the form and I don’t seem to get an issue with it. Could you please confirm what triggers the issue?

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Hii all,

thank you for your replies. I have encountered the same trouble shoot but with another survey showing the following message:

The survey is deployed, but I cannot submit the filled in surveys

@christal_azzam, there should be a syntax error within your survey project. Could you kindly download your xlsform and then validate it with this online validator? It should help you identify syntax errors present within the xlsform. Reach us back if the issue is still on.

Heey @Kal_Lam DRA_PDM_CASH_6April_2021.xlsx (21.4 KB)

Here’s the attachment. I actually validated the form online before deploying it on KOBO and there were no errors.

@christal_azzam, looking at your xlsform I could see that you had used field-list under the wrong column header i.e., calculation:

Image 1

I changed the column header to appearance:

Image 2

In addition I also provided the language code which is a good practice while creating forms (this however should not affect the loading error that you were seeing):

Doing this, I did not have any issue loading the form:

Edited xlsform:

DRA_PDM_CASH_6April_2021.xlsx (23.0 KB)

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