Can't upload xls form. No error message appears

I am unable to replace xls form to update deployed form and if I try to create a new form I am unable to upload from a xls form too.

I’ve read in an other post that it’s caused because your servers are being overwhelmed. Is it possible?

Your help is much appreciate. Thank you

I am having the same problem. At the end I get the message '502 Bad gateway ’ or ‘Server error (500)’

Can anyone say why this is happening?

Welcome to the community, @gerardramon! Welcome back to the community, @BartRoelandt! Are you on the non-humanitarian server?

Hello ! Yes I’m on the non-humanitarian server.

Hi again @Kal_Lam It seems that now it works perfectly. Was there any server issue during this morning?

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@gerardramon, have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues in it?

Yes, we had a temporary server issue. Thank you for confirming!

Thanks for your help

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