Can't Upload XLSForm

I tried to upload a xlsform but doesn’t work. Just today, yesterday was fine.

Having the same problem…unable to upload a xlsform. Need to create a new project (kobotoolbox form) urgently for a demo.

Please help!!

xlsform upload started working again a little while ago


Upload xlsform is not working again!

please help!!

Welcome to the community, @ismaelvenegas! @ismaelvenegas, @aaj, thank you for bringing this to the community! We shall investigate and update the situation when it’s resolved.

BTW, could you also let us know the server you are using? This should also be helpful for us to troubleshoot!

I am using the ‘everyone else’ server (

regards, aaj

Having the same problem, I tried to replace the form and It does’n work.
I am using the everyone else server ( and do the survey with Enketo.
After the maintenance anounced by the kobo team, it does’n work.

Bonjour à tous ! Depuis ce matin je n’arrive pas à télécharger mon formulaire XLS Form sur excel pourtant il y’a deux jours j’avais réussi avec le même fromulaire. Puis-je avoir de l’aide?

Dear Kal_Lam,

Any update on this problem? Was unable to work in kobotoolbox all day today because of this issue. Had some urgent work to complete


@ismaelvenegas, @aaj, @mmontealegre, @akioua, we will update you when we resolve this issue. FYR:

@Kal_Lam, just tried an xlsform upload and it worked

Thank you for the update, and thanks to the team working on resolving this unfortunate situation

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@Kal_Lam My Form is working properly, thanks a lot! I did nothing and It works, only try to upload again.

Have a nice day.

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@ismaelvenegas, @aaj, @mmontealegre, @akioua, this issue has now been resolved.

Thank you for confirming @aaj, @mmontealegre!

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