Capturing image geopoint (metadata) when collecting data

Hello community!
For a research project, we need to collect participants’ photos and they should contain a certain number of details, including geolocation data. We’ve noticed for the past two weeks that the photos are now being compressed and we no longer have access to the metadata of the photos uploaded. We still get access to the metadata when using old projects, but access to metadata disappears if we modify the questionnaire and redeploy it. Is there a way we can have access to the metadata from uploaded photos with new project?
Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Jarnaud! You can ensure that the camera setting of your smartphone is set to Location tags ON as shown in the image below:

Please note that if this feature is off, you may not be able to capture the geopoint metadata from your device. All you need to do is:

  • Open your camera
  • Then go to the settings (gear-like icon)
  • Search for location tags or similar wording, as it could vary depending on the device brand you are using
  • Toggle the feature to ON

Thank you for your reply @Kal_Lam. The camera setting of my smartphone is already set to location tags ON, but when I upload the photo through the form, the metadata do not appear. When I upload the same photo on another (older) project, the metadata appear.

Hi Kal_Lam for this answer. We suspect something has changed recently on the Kobotoolbox side, as previously our photos were uploaded without being compressed (e.g. a 2.6Mb image was fully received in Kobotoolbox, with the metadata included), but since not too long ago, our new deploys seem to compress all the images that are uploaded to 264kb - and metadata (particularly coordinates) are erased. This information is essential for our project, can you tell us if there is a way to do a deploy where images would not be compressed, and sent as original ,jpeg or any other image format that contains the full metadata?

We suspect the change in the way photos are uploaded has taken place since April 2, with your new release… Is this possible?