Cascade dropdown list

Hello friends! We had Training registration form functioning for year collecting beneficiaries. It had cascading questions. So 1. You would choose Component and relevant training modules would open. 2. you select module and relevant training topics would open in the form of drop down. So yesterday we wanted to add a new module and a new topic, since then when you select component and module, list of topics would not show anymore. Its in xls form, I tried many ways as I remember the way it was, and nothing worked, I am under stressed, please help me. Why can’t I upload the form here?

Hi @DilZok, welcome to the community.

Can you share a screenshot of the cascading select options? It might help us to solve your problem :slight_smile:


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aAyfmXPN9YeGcKByAvM6HZ.xlsx (72.4 KB)
This is xls form of my questioonaire.

In the photo the way it should be. Drop down list is shown in preview but nor in actual data entry form

My dear Hakan
Were you able to see my xls form?

@DilZok, you should be able to learn more about cascading select through our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions. You should also be able to see some workaround that has been discussed previously here: