Cascade select using external csv

Dear all,

I hope someone could help me with a challenge I am facing at the moment.

I am developing a form where the first question is:

Q1: “In which country did you start your trip?” (with 5 possible options)

Then I have a second and a third question where I ask about the admin levels of departure. I know this can be done using a cascade, but because I have more than 8,000 rows, I need this to be in a separate CSV. It works fine when I do not add the expression in the [choice_filter column], but when I add the expression in the [choice_filter] column it does not work.

Ideally, if you chose Cuba as a country of origin, only admin 1 for Cuba should appear in Q2, and then only admin 2 within the admin 1 for Cuba should appear in Q3.

Any help will be much appreciated.


admins.csv (664.4 KB) search_function_cascade.xlsx (14.1 KB)

Hi @17dan1991
I believe the discussion below would be of help in resolving your issue.


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@stephanealoo Many thanks for your quick answer.

I am struggling a bit with understanding this.

Would you be able to kindly share the examples of that xls and csv that you illustrate in the images?

Many thanks for your kind support :slight_smile:

Hi @17dan1991
Find below the XLS form

Select One and Multiple from CSV.xlsx (12.2 KB)

countriesbyregion.csv (36.9 KB)

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As a backup, kindly please be informed that you could also cascade choices using select_one_from_file as discussed previously: