Cascade selection for large volume options

hello community

I’ve been reading I’ve been trying to make a pretty big cascading selection a little over 59,000 rows. I have tried from the Search command, I have divided the cascade list by departments, municipalities with their educational centers and their codes, but I have not been able to achieve what I want. It is also important to note that this form will be completed using ENKETO and that Collect will not be used in any way.

I would like to get ideas from you that can help to find a solution.

I share with you the excel file that contains all the cascade options that I want to create and the form that it creates, but that ENKETO warns me of a form loading error.

Option´s Cascading School´s HN.xlsx (1.6 MB) Form. School´s HN.xlsx (1.7 MB)


Its possible to do in enketo, I did it recently for an example in India with more than 100,000 rows. You probably need to use an external csv file and restructure your list (there is no need to separate by column as you have done in the survey and choices sheets). Your form should be much shorter than this.

Can I ask if the form is in any way covid related? If so there is a support service which means I can take an hour or two and create a template for you based on the list of locations you shared above as well as providing any other assistance which can help you get the form you want (en Español si usted prefiere).

If not and your still stuck then I will try to find an example for you that has only fake locations and share it.


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Hi, thanks for your response @NoelCartONG . If it is related to COVID. Teachers are being given training workshops to provide support and tools to facilitate their work and prevent school dropouts.

The detail of using CSV is that I don’t know for sure if I can filter exactly like cascading does. I tried the SEARCH function before, it works in the Collect application, but not in ENKETO.


Hi, yes I understand that some functions do not work in enketo in the same way as kobo collect but there are also cascading function which work in both.

Can I ask by what day you would need this form to work for? If there is enough time I will take your locations and run a trial to make sure that the strategy used previously also works for your form and with enketo web based data entry.

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When a teacher registers in one of our trainings, he must register in which department, municipality his educational center is located, soon he chooses the name of the educational center in which he works and the code (unique) of the educational center. Thus we have control of which educational centers participate in our trainings and we will check with enrollment data from past years and current year if the trainings helped reduce / avoid; School dropouts in schools that received training versus those that did not receive training.

Hello community, I have problem like @Dw_Rivera , please help me, when I choose cascade, not all data can filter. only part of data.


Welcome to the community, @wirdawati! Maybe you will need to provide more details to the community so that the community could help you solve your issue.

Hi @wirdawati
Welcome to the community forum. Looking at the issue from @Dw_Rivera and your indication that you had the same issue, do you intend to use a case management approach or a longitudinal data collection approach? If that is the case, then this is not currently supported within the platform. However, you could use a pull data functionality as discussed in previous topics.

If the above does not cover the issue, kindly take time and expound more on it.


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