Cascading HUGE number of options (Address)

I know how to create dynamic options however I am have to create a dropdown of all places in the country (since I dont the expect general public to spell out the correct name of their place, making data cleaning a PITA). The levels are 17 Regions, ~80 Provinces, 146 Cities, 1477 Municipalities and 42046 Towns (Barangay).

The locations are in largest sheet this file:

Is there a less painful (and time consuming) way to implement this?

And if ever I do how will it affect performance considering that I’m adding 1MB of text in the xlsx, which I guess will be passed on to the webform and increase the page size (Not an actual developer)?

Did anyone ever implemented something like this? How was the experience from the respondent’s side?

Id really appreciate feedbacks.

@mkmortera, when you have a very long list of cascading select options you could design it through the external csv files. Maybe you could design your xlsform through the select_one_from_file question type as discussed previously:

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Wow, I scoured the docs and never aware of that.

Thank you so much as usual :slight_smile:

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