Cascading in Kobo collect

Hi all,

I am getting this error message as I am working on the cascading in kobo tool box

#### Error generating preview
The survey element named ‘select_one_rh2hx61’ has no label or hint.

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Hello @hika and welcome to the community!

Seems like you added an underscore _ between select_one and rh2hx61

Can you validate your form in here: ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x


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Hi sirs,

still facing challenges to create cascade in the kobo tool box , see what i am getting ,

It is not opining the subordinates when i click the mother name



Hi @hika,

Can you share your cascade options too? Let’s take a look into it.

Dear hakan_cetinkaya

Dear hakan,

Please find attached the tool,

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Test_kobo.xlsx (9.86 KB)

Hi @hika,

The names should be unique in all form. Right now you have multiple 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s in your name column. Can you change them to unique names? This should solve your issue.

list_name name label region district
region 1 addis
region 2 oromia
district 1 bole 1
district 2 yeka 1
district 3 gmbi 2
district 4 ayira 2
kebele 1 w12 1
kebele 2 w13 1
kebele 3 w01 2
kebele 4 w02 2
kebele 5 buye 3
kebele 6 lalo 3
kebele 7 dongoro 4
kebele 8 guliso 4

It is from excel


Thank you so much, I will try it.

Does the system blocks you after many trials and, and may be making mistakes?
It is not accepting when I copy paste from the excel in to the kobotool box for cascading.


It shouldn’t.

Hi Harkan,

Below is my cascading options as well,

list-name name lable region zone
region addis addis
region oromia oromia
zone bole bole addis
zone yeka yeka addis
zone gimbi gimbi oromia
zone ayira ayira oromia
kebele q q bole
kebele b b bole
kebele c c yeka
kebele d d yeka
kebele e e gimbi
kebele f f gimbi
kebele g g ayira
kebele h h ayira


Hi Harka,

Not total blocking but not accepting the copy of the excel data into the system,


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It is solved,

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Hi boss,
can you share steps by steps procedure (tutorials) on cascading, i have a difficulty.
am on

Hi @fkarandey,

Did you check this help article: Adding Cascading Select Questions — KoboToolbox documentation

It gives step by step explanation for cascading questions.

This has worked very well,

Thank you so much again,


Sir, i.need help to be able to Build a a form with Cascading SELECTIONs.
Pls Guide me.


Please follow the link below and its instruction, it is very easy

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