Cascading issues


I’m facing a weird problem with cascading questions.

I create a table for cascading I upload it and apparently no problem.

I can answer the survey without problems and all the cascade options are shown. However I can’t edit the formulaire in The formbuilder. I’m getting this error:

From the forum I discover that to solve this issue we need to delete in the xlsform some options, so I delete these numbers as shown in the picture:

After this modification I upload and redeployed the survey, however when I answer the survey the last option of the cascade doesn’t show the options

Conclusion: If I change the excel file I can edit the formulaire in the Formbuilder, however my survey is not showing the last cascading option. If in the xlsform, I have all the colums with all the options, I can’t edit the formulaire in the Formbuilder.

So how to get the two problems solved at the same time?

thanks for your help

@salete_carvalho, this support article Adding Cascading Select Questions should help you solve your issue:

Thanks for your reply @Kal_Lam, but it still not answer my question :), or i’m missing something in the xlsform.

I followed this article (option 1) to create the cascade question, but when redeployed, everything is ok in the formulaire we can se all the questions and choices. But I can edit anymore the survey in the formbuild. And this is my problem I want to edit the formulaire in the formbuilder either.

Many thanks for your reply


Any of you would find a solution for this problem of editing the form in the formbuilder after adding a cascading question?

many thanks in advance for your reply

It’s good @Kal_Lam,

I found a solution, I just add the word filter to the choices, and choice filter, and now the formbuilder is working either.


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@salete_carvalho, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:


I’m a new problem in my survey :slight_smile:
After adding my cascading issues I added an image that should be showed acording to the last choice of the cascading however this is not showing. I can’t understand why, could you please take look in the survey and let me know what I’m missing.

Many thanks
Suivi_PPS_22042024_Vs24022024_vs17.xlsx (32.5 KB)