Cascading Select and External File

I’m trying to create questions that ask for the state, district, and town. Since the number of towns is 6000, I want to upload an external file that will populate the answer choices for these three questions.

I’ve tried using the select_one_from_file option, but it doesn’t seem to be working (specifically this Select One or Many From External File Question Type — KoBoToolbox documentation). I specifically want this survey to be filled on the web browser and not the KoBoCollect App.

Further, is it possible to have a cascading select with an external file? I don’t want all 6000 towns to show if someone has already specified their state and district I’ve seen this Adding Cascading Select Questions — KoBoToolbox documentation, but it doesn’t help with external files unfortunately

Welcome to the community, @bird_rao! Please be informed that the select_one_from_file should work with both your Web Form as well as Collect android app. Maybe you should also be able to see a workaround discussed previously here:

As an alternate, you could also use the select_one_external to cascade your long list of choices as outlined in the post discussed previously: