Cases not removed after repeat_count was reduced (KoBoCollect)


Cases are not removed after repeat_count was reduced (KoBoCollect). ALL previous cases stay visible and active. Also the count() is not updated.

Steps to Reproduce

See XLSForm attached, with Remarks.
BugIV_02.xlsx (31.7 KB)

  1. Import form and Preview
  2. Enter 3 for Total of HH members
  3. Fill names
  4. Go back and reduce Total, e.g. to 2
  5. You will still see all previous cases
  6. Finalize and save and re-edit
    You will still see ALL previous cases.

Expected behavior

Cases of repeat_group should be reduced, to the new repeat_count
As it works in Enketo/Preview (in default style)

Actual behavior

All previous cases are still there. This will not change, if you finalize, save and re-edit.

Additional details

XLSForm, OCHA. Android smartphones, Current KoBoCollect version (v1.25.1, 15/06/2020)

To hide “reduced” cases by relevant is possible, but it’s not a solution as the count() will NOT change, even after finalize, save, re-edit.

It works as expected, if you increase the repeat_count (by change of the total).

Hopefully @Kal_Lam, @stephanealoo, @Xiphware can help for a solution here.

Dear @Kal_Lam,
Any news on this. We really are waiting for a solution. We even don’t have a workaround: As far as we tried, the problem cannot be solved by relevant marking a cases with Name (or extra variable) as “deleted”, as this will not remove the repeat itself.
We also don’t want to use manual repeat as there are even more reference problems (and a confusing UI).
Thanks in advance
Kind regards

Hi Wolfgang,
I am testing this on my side too and then notifying the developers about it. We can advice as soon as possible,



Dear Stephane,
THANKS. The behaviour should be like in Enketo /Preview(but only without pages styles there):
If the repeat_count is reduced, the records are automatically emptied/removed, not only hidden as with relevant.
You can start with 3, enter data for the 3. Then go back and reduce to 2. Look at the cases/data. Then go back again and reset to 4. The data are already gone.
The worst at the moment in KoBoCollect is, that even finalize and save do not clean up anything. So, also if you have a count after the repeat, it will stay to value before the reduction.
On the opposite, it works like expected if you increase the repeat_count when you go back.
My feeling is it might be a problem of changed-event handling together with repeat_count.
Kind regards

Hi @wroos
This is definitely an issue with the form; we, therefore, need to discuss this a bit and then get back to you (@Kal_Lam) let us discuss again.


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Hi @wroos,

Apologies for the delayed response! Kindly please be informed that ODK Collect V1.28 should solve the issue (which should be coming in August 2020.

For details, you could also have a look at the discussion that is going on in the ODK Community .

Maybe we could wait until August 2020 for this case.

Have a great day!

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