Challenge using If statement with both OR and AND conditions

Please I am trying to create this condition in XLS form such that:

  1. If A2 is 1 and B2 is 0, my formula returns 1
  2. If A2 is 0 and B2 is 1, my formula returns 1
  3. If A2 is 1 and B2 is 1, my formula returns 1
  4. If A2 is 0 and B2 is 0, my formula returns 0
    The formula will look like this in excel =IF(OR(AND(A2=1,B2=1),A2=1,B2=1),1,0)
    But in Kobo it is not working.
    Please if you can help me.

Hi @fya and welcome to the community!

Can you try this one:

if (${A}=1 or ${B}=1, 1, 0)

Lets see if that works.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya
Thanks for your help, yes this works for either A or B but does not work when both A and B are selected because its multiple choice question.

Hi @fya,

Can you share the question in your mind with a simple example maybe, so community could understand it a little better?

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Hi @fya and @hakan_cetinkaya ,

I just built on your solution one step further - if this is in one question (as a multiple select) instead of two different questions, you can use this as a formula:

if (selected(${Q1},‘a’) or selected(${Q1},‘b’), 1, 0)

Let me know if that works!

Here’s a copy of the XLSForm to see it working:
A or B.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Hope that helps!


Hi @hakan_cetinkaya and @janna
Many thanks for your support.
The A or B excel is exactly what I am looking for.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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