Change 5m accuracy threshold for geotags

Hi All! First post. I want to see how far can I tighten the “accuracy” level when getting point geotags. I was able to override the “Point will be saved at 5m” error message by providing a constraint as suggested by someone (e.g., selected-at(.,3)<15). The text on the interface still says “Point will be saved at 5m” but if I manually tap on save upon getting accuracies of less than 15m no error will occur. Absent the constraint, one cannot move forward until accuracy is 5m. Now I want to see if I can go below 5m like putting a constraint of selected-at(.,3)<2 to tighten the “accuracy” to 2m. I have no way of knowing whether this constraint is applied by kobocollect geotag. Any thoughts whether the provided tighter constraint is indeed implemented or if not how to override the 5m default of the app. Thx.

Welcome to the community, @koednaxu! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand the GPS accuracy in more details:

Hi! Thx for the welcome. While waiting for feedback on my question, I came across this page which I think addresses my question XLSForm Docs specifically on the section GPS with accuracyThreshold I will test the code and provide feedback. Based on experience, the kind of cell one has will definitely have an impact on gps data collected. It takes forever for my asus phone to go down from 20m while huawei zooms and achieve the 5m in less than a minute.

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