Change grunt livereload ports for koboform or enketo-express

Hi all.

On a vagrant started up by dist-kobo-devel scripts there are already three grunt processes running for enketo-express. So running grunt in dkobo folder presents you with “Port 35729 is already in use by another process”. Changing ‘livereload: true’ instances to e.g ‘livereload: 35730’ in Gruntfile of one of the projects allows for running simultaneous grunts and solves the problem.

Are you okay with this setting on (which of the) dkobo or enketo-express projects? Do you want a PR?


Followup; Ultimately developers should decide whether they want this change or not; but I’ll go with changing the port for enketo-express instead of dkobo as enketo-express is the app that runs in the background, so it should leave the default 35729 port free for other apps (as well as forwarding it in the Vagrantfile, but I don’t know if this has any effect on dist-kobo-devel machines).