Change kobo-docker clone


I’m trying to change my frontend in KoboToolBox, but kobo-install makes a clone of kobo-docker from kobotoolbox. I want to make my kobo-install make a clone of my forked repository of kobo-docker
I want to do this because then I will make my kobo-docker use as image my forked repository of kpi instead of the one from kobotoolbox.
Doing this I will change my kpi repository and the changes on it will no dissapear

Hello @SantiTamariz are I am trying to understand what your issue is, are you customizing kobotoolbox on your own server?

If yes, what’s your work flow, and did you build the image successfully.
I am using my own kpi that I cloned ,Everything works perfectly

see attached screenshot on my development server

NB: Ensure your kpi image is build with the right permission otherwise wont work

If you dont mind you can inbox me your kpi repository
or whatsapp me on +254710401008

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Hello @stephenoduor my work flow is:

  • Fork kobo-install in my own gtihub repository
  • Fork kobo-docker of kobotooolbox GitHub in my own gtihub repository
  • Fork kpi in my own gtihub repository
  • Change the code of my kobo-install forked, to make it clone kobo-docker from my forked repository instead of the kobotoolbox repository
  • Change the code of kobo-docker to get the image of my kpi forked repository

I’m doing this work flow because in the other way all the times I want to change the image in kpi I will need to generate a new image and upload to docker repository.
Doing this way if I make any changes in the kpi code it will change in the other parts and I could be able to see the changes in my server