Change question type

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Can I change the question type (from text to integer) in the excel form without altering the data already collected ?

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Hi @VDeom,

Kindly please be informed that changing your question from text to integer and then redeploying them again should not affect the previously collected data. I just made a check and then could see that they are unaffected:

I would always advise you to give a try on a dummy survey project and them make changes to your main project if it’s OK on the dummy.

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I would also suggest to check, if the EXCEL export will work well, if you download data with all versions option. Esp. if you have text entries not possible to convert to integer.
Could you share your findings later with the community, please.

Another option might be to create a new variable in the form and merge the data later after export. (Disadvantage: new name, and and maybe new coding references needed.)
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Hi, I have a similar issue, I want to change the type of question from select one to multiple selection. If I download the excel form and change the type of question there, How and where can I upload the excel without loosing the data, and also without open or change the original link of the form?



@miriamgomo, you could always replace a form through the form builder UI, as shown in the image shared below:

After replacing the xlsform with an updated one, you will need to redeploy them again. For details, please feel free to go through our support article Deploying a Form to Start a New Data Collection Project.