Change the names of some question types (in the form builder UI)

Hey everyone!

By working a lot with the KOBO Builder our team found some terminology for the types questions which are not really obvious. Maybe the name could be changed to understand more easily which types of questions are available.

We work with the KOBO humanitarian response server.

Here are the ones we found not so clear:

  • perhaps say “Integer” instead of “Number” to differentiate it with a “decimal” type question?

  • Perhaps say “Geo point” instead of “Point” (people always have difficulty figuring out what this corresponds to otherwise).

  • The “Acknowledge“ one we also find not very obvious to understand but do not have a better suggestion apart from “tick box” perhaps ?

About the french version too there are some traduction which could be clearer:

Have more details:

  • Chiffre entier instead of Chiffre
  • Point GPS instead of Point

Change the plural:

  • Ligne instead of lignes
  • Aire instead of Aires

Simple one:

  • Observation instead of note (misinterpretation: in french note also means giving a mark)
  • Case à cocher instead of Accuser (misinterpretation: Accuser means accusing someone)

Some words to traduct:

  • Echelle instead of rating
  • Fichier instead of File
  • Gamme instead of Range

Thanks for considering this suggestion

Chloé :slight_smile: