Change the XML Values

I forgot to include the right XML values in my questionnaire, and now I need them for data analysis. Is there a way to update the XML values for the forms I’ve already submitted, similar to how I’d do it for a newly deployed form? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@rehanmaqbul, if you have already completed the data collection, then I would say changing the XML value and redeploying would make no sense at this point. This is because you will only be able to collect the data and get the data in your desired XML value only for those data that you have collected after redeployment. Meaning the XML value for the already collected data does not change.

I hope I could clarify you with your query.

No the data collection is still in progress

@rehanmaqbul, so the decision is up to you. You will receive the remaining submissions in your desired format if you make the changes. However, you will still need to modify the previous submissions manually.

As an advise, I would suggest you to do this on a dummy project first to see how the data structure is settled so that you will not need to panic later on with your real dataset.