Change URL from a Kobo Form

Hello everybody, I have set up a Kobo form, but for some reasons I need to change the URL form after a period of time.

Can someone tell me if this is possible?
I know that a new URL can be created by making it and deploying the form into a new project but I would prefer to use the same project my data repository.

Thanks for the aid provided.

Best regards

Welcome to the community, @jorcabrera! Do you mean you want to shorten your existing URL that allows users to collect your data through Enketo?

Thanks for the quick reply.
No I do not want to shorten the URL, I need to be able to change it.

In other words I would like to have a different URL let’s say for a month and after that period of time be able to change it. All the data is going to be collected using a browser through Enketo.

Thanks for your help

Could you also let us know why you would like to change the URL after a certain time?

What I have set up is a form with a public link. (Anyone with the link can submit data).
Form url is shared to specific people via email, and as the form is public this does not prevent it to be shared among other people.
After some time this URL could have been shared to lots of persons and therefore the need to be able to change it after some time.
This is just to prevent people who has not received the email can start to fill in the form.
Hope was clear

@jorcabrera, sorry to inform you that changing the URL link at the middle of an ongoing data collection for a survey project is not possible.