Changes on XLS forms are not regonized when uploaded using Sharepoint

Hi all.
When I edit the XLS forms using Sharepoint and upload it, the changes are not reflected to the form. So a workaround solution was to open the XLS form using Windows application (Excel) rather than the web-based platform.
Its not a major issue but something that I encountered.

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@M.Ayied, thank you for sharing this with the entire community!

Hi, how could this be explained?
Would you mind to test it again with Sharepoint, please, and describe exactly the steps you do. Could you confirm/check that the (file) changes were stored/saved in Sharepoint.

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  1. Open the XLS form in Sharepoint (web-based platform).
  2. Make any changes.
  3. Replace form using upload feature on Kobotoolbox.
  4. When the form is opened, the changes are not reflected.

Regarding the saved changes, Sharepoint has a feature that saves your progress as you go and there is no need to actually save (pressing ctrl+s for example).

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You need to redeploy the form to see/get the new version (on “open”)… Only “preview” will show you the uploaded form version already (before deployment).

Thanks for guidance.