Changes to form are not being saved have tried multiple times

I have tried multiple times to make changes/edit a form on form building and whilst it says changes saved, when I go out and back into form, the changes have not been saved. I’ve now created a new (duplicate) version of the form in the hope that this will save changes. Any advice please?

Hi @kerryfsanctuary and welcome to the community!

After you saved your changes in the form-builder, did you redeploy your form? Under the form tab, you can see an information with yellow background:

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Hello, thank you, yes I did. But it’s not saving on the actual form builder - even though it says saved, when I go out and in again it hasn’t saved and deploys the original form (prior to editing). I’m trying again having duplicated the entire form and hoping that will resolve.

Hi @kerryfsanctuary can you show the steps you take with screenshots?

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