Changing language when connecting kobo to excel (power Query)

I have a problem when importing data from kobo to excel using API my assessment has three language one of them the English data but I need the other languages when importing to excel and updating automatically when refreshing the query.

Welcome to the community @Alaa_Ali! Could you share the API you tried?

Thank you Kal_Lam for response.
I did not use any code to import xls file just I went to
Then I downloaded data file then I opened it with Word and copied the link for assessment then to excel import data from web
The problem that I want data in Turkish not in English
I did not see any option to convert th language

@Alaa_Ali, could you share the sample of what it looks like when you open it with Word as said above:

This should give us some understanding of your issue.

by using API, it return only xml values, no choice for labels.

before it was working like this:

is there another solution to do it?

Welcome to the community, @shadowmise! Will reach you back when we fix this issue.

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thanks, i tried many solutions via API v1 and v2, all not working.

so thanks in advanced and waiting your solutions while i will keep trying to find one also

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