Changing the Project Title font colour

Hi Folks.

I’ve worked out how to change the font colour of questions in a project, but I cannot work out how to change the colour of the Project Title. Since the Project Title is set outside of the xlxs spreadsheet, using the same syntax in the Project Settings area (where the title is set) doesn’t work (not surprising!). Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks, Tania

Welcome to the community, @taniak! Pinging @Xiphware for some advice if this could be advise for a new features request.

Thank you. It sounds as though the current answer is no, project title font remains blue :). At least I now know that I wasn’t going to be able to work this out on my own. As a new feature, I think it would be a great idea - thanks for considering it. Cheers, Tania

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Please free to post something to the ODK Features Forum if you’d like to see some changes or improvements like this, perhaps explaining why its important for your particular usecase and how you think it might best be accommodated. Thanks!