Changing theme Grid / Question disappear

I have a Kobo form that I built on a .xls file and everything is working well.
Until I changed to the Grid theme. The form is working but one of my questions about nationality which links to a .csv file to select from a long list of countries, does not appear anymore when using the Gris theme.

Any insights about this topic

Thank you so much.

Can you provide a related extract of this form, as XLS format (and checked with the Online validator), please?

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I checked the online validator
and the form has no issues!

In fact, the form works pretty well if I am using default single page theme
only when i switch to Grid theme i am having an issue with NAtionality list disapear

Please, to facilitate support.

Kobo draft : Grid theme makes nationality question hidden

@mhdtunisia, maybe you will also need to let the community know the row number of your survey sheet from your XLSForm that you are trying to refer to is missing.

Thank you so much for your feedback

it’s a CSV file with country names with 196 row ( 197 including variables names)

Would you mind to share a short extract of the csv too, please, to allow supporters to reproduce/test your issue?

Please check the same drive link, i have uploaded the nationalities .csv file


Kobo_form_draft_sh_ng_24_2 - bis3.0_04_03.xlsx

Hello community ,

Are there any ideas about the challenge I am facing after changing to theme Grid !!