Choice filter based on two conditions at once

Hi everyone.

I am sure, someone has probably asked this question before but unfortunately I cannot find the thread. I am wondering, if it is possible to filter answer options based on the answers to two previous questions at the same time to illustrate this: First I have a gender question, then the first letter of the first name and based on those two I have a list of names to select from. Is it necessary to create two seperate questions and lists or is there an option to names from one list based on both conditions at once?
I tried a choice filter “alphabet=${alphabet} AND gender=${gender}” - that doesn’t work ^^

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Haha - I take the initial question back. It works when I just don’t use capital letters.^^ Sometimes posting a question just does the trick already I guess.

But maybe, does someone have an idea how I could now add a “Other” option, which shows for everyone, no matter which gender and which first letter of the name?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Have you gone through our support article User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions. It should solve your issue.

Well, unfortunately this article doesn’t really solve my problem. I can no longer work in the form builder online, because now, I get the following error message there

Error loading survey:
cascading choices can only reference one choice list"

My first try was now to just not specify a choice filter for the Other option - but that doesn*t work. Any other idea?

As a quick check would you mind doing the following:

  • Download your xlsform.
  • Validate your xlsfrom with this online validator to see if there is any issue with your xlsform.
  • If any issue, correct it and replace the edited xlsform with the one that is in your server.
  • Redeploy.

You should then be able to work as wished. If this too does not solve your issue please feel free to reach us back.

hmmm, well yes, I actually did and it doesn’t show any major problems, only the suggestion to

“Use the max-pixels parameter to speed up submission sending and save storage space. Learn more:

When I try to use the online formbilder though, I get the following error message:

Thanks for your help!

Maybe sharing your xlsform with the community would be helpful.