Choice Filter for Brand Awareness

Plis, help me.
How i set in B3 for name code “100 - None” always showing if in B2 is checking…
Thank you…


@Apry, is this something you are looking at?

In my case: how in kobo if:
B2 = answer 100 (None)
B3 = answer 100 (None)

In both B2 and B3 I can aswer “None”.
“None” not effect in choice_filter

Solve, I use this in Choice_Filter:

(not(selected(${B1},name)) or selected(${B1},‘100’)) and (not(selected(${B2},name)) or selected(${B2},‘100’))

Thank u…

Sorry, I still did not understand your query! Could you explain it a bit so the community could help you solve it?