Choice Filter (for Consistency)


Please help.
I have question about lowest and highest, i want my data is consistent.
Q1. What is your lowest salary?
Q2. What is your highest salary?


If Q1 answer 300, than Q2 not allow answer 100 and 200, coz must be higher than 300.
So in choise Q2 just appear 400 in kobo.


Welcome @Apry,
You may use choice_filter.
Could you provide a screenshot of the related choice_list, please. You may use Depending on the naming of the related choice items, there might be an option like name >= ${FirstSelection}.

I think, you may need >= as the lowest and the highest salary might be the same amount in reality.

You can always try to use the search function of this forum to find solutions, e.g.

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It is just sample, not real my question list.
choice_list for Q1 and Q2 is same.

OK thanks, it’s solved.
I use name>=${Q1} in choice_filter Q2

Thanks u very musch :slight_smile:

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@Apry, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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