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Hello, so much good help in the forum for cascading selects and choice filters. I have built a choice filter that dependent upon a user, they can select their contract, and then inside a contract their are multiple subplots, and then in a subplot there are multiple sites. The contracts, subplots and sites are all filtering from attached csv files. The first 2 filters for contract and subplot work but not the site. The options do not appear, and I am stumped. See the attached preview screenshot and file
Examplechoicefilter.xlsx (13.0 KB)
contractfile.csv (286 Bytes)
subplot.csv (635 Bytes)
site.csv (895 Bytes)

Hi @saseehav and welcome back to the community.

I took a look into your site.csv file and there seems to be a mismatch in your site_filter.
Essentially the items that are supposed to be under site_filter are the items from your subplot.csv name column.

In this case, the options presented below are the ones that are supposed to be under site_filter and not what you’ve placed.

You can maintain the same logic you used for the previous two filters where the previous options are the ...filter column in the next and so forth.


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Yes! this was the problem, the column you shared is what should have been in the filter. I just needed fresh eyes to see the issue. Thank you.
I then had to add and statements to the choice filter, for the options to filter cascading as intended

I appreciate your help!

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