Choice filter in two separate questions

Hello kind community,

I had an issue with choice filter. I had two different questions that need to use choice filter. One is the supervisor question (p1q2) and another one is the location at p1q6 until p1q8 (i.e. province, district, commune, village). These two are not correlated, but as long as i have two filter questions like this, the form cannot be deployed, if i delete one of them, it works well. Could you please let me know where did i do it wrong? Per attached, I am sending you the excel for your review. Thanks in advance.
Financial Education.xlsx (23.6 KB)

Welcome back to the community, @Phearun! I made a quick check and did not find any issues. I however observed that you had some labels missing for the choices in the second language.

Maybe you could try this XLSForm (it worked for me):

Financial Education.xlsx (23.1 KB)

I’ve tried. It works. Thank you so much @Kal_Lam :grin:

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