Choice filters and variables not labelled after exporting

First, among the choices, the selected option is not picked even after referring to it.
Second, some variables are not getting labelled especially those separated by the slashes () after exporting

@alefa_banda, could you also share a screenshot of the same so the community could understand your issue pictorially?

Step 1: I select SDG ‘INDICATOR’ after filtering by the name of the ‘AGENCY’-Column E as shown below

Step 2: Some of the ‘INDICATORS’ have split levels e.g., MM**-8.3. B**, MM-8.3.C, MM-8.3. D e.t.c. So, if I select one of the above, I get a corresponding list of split indicators which is a select multiple. Below I show the split indicators associated with some of the above main indicators.


If I select MM-8.3. B I’m supposed to see another drop-down list containing ‘SPLITINDICATORS’ -163 and 164. However, this not happening. Also, I am not able to see the split levels for MM-8.3. D and MM-8.5. D, among others**.** Strange enough, I can see the split-level indicators for others like MM-8.3. C.

OK you’re the best people

@alefa_banda, is this the screenshot from the survey sheet or the choices sheet of your XLSForm?

This is just the screenshot from the choices sheet of the XLSForm. There is so much going on the survey form, such that I’m not sure of which parts to take screenshots of. Alternatively, I can share the form, if that is acceptable.

@alefa_banda, I don’t see the name column header in your choices sheet.

Maybe you could go through this support article Adding Cascading Select Questions to learn more about cascading.