Choices in select_one retrieved from dynamic parent form behave unexpectedly when the select is placed within a repeat group

Setup: a select_one nodeset in a parent form (e.g. dishes items) is retrieved as text in the child form, according to a specific selection query (e.g. restaurant name). In the child form, the nodeset as text (e.g. dishes) is converted into choices through a ‘repeat’ group and it is implemented as a select_one question (this ‘repeat’ works well and it is not the problematic ‘repeat’ I refer to in the following lines).

Problem: the way the select_one dishes question behaves, depends on several issues:

  • When the select_one dishes is placed in the root of the form, it works as expected.
  • When the select_one dishes is placed within another repeat group (e.g. countries) (i) the dishes choices do NOT refresh when the restaurant query at the top is updated and (ii) only the first instance of the dishes choices is shown.

Observation: I realise that this behaviour depends on (1) whether the select_one dishes is within a repeat group or not; and (2) how the repeat_count is defined (e.g. with a pre-defined number, left open…); but it never works properly within the repeat.

Query: how to have a select_one (i) with a dynamic list of choices (linked to a previous question with a parent form) (ii) that refreshes as the previous question changes (iii) within a repeat group and (iv) using the syntax type: ‘select_one ${question_with_dynamic_list_of_choices}’?

Example: parent_child_XBC_KTB_forum.xlsx (16.0 KB)

Thanks in advance for considering.


@xbc it seems like you wish to create a select_one choice from the text question using the DDA. Did I get you correctly? If yes, please be informed that this is not possible within the system.

We however have a features request for the same.

Maybe VOTE for it to make it a reality for the same.

Thanks for your response. You are right, I had read this before. However, I also read a workaround (unfortunately I did not keep track of it).

The issue is that I DID manage to retrieve data from the parent form, transform it into a nodeset in the child form and then use that data to populate a select_one question in the child. This works totally fine and it is already great.

However, when I locate this functional child ‘select_one’ within another unrelated repeat group in the same child, I detect unexpected behaviours (partially depending on how the repeat_count is configured in that repeat).

Hence, my understanding is that the problem is not related to the DDA (which, as said, works well outside the repeat group in the child form), but rather in the repeat group of the child form itself.


Sorry for multiple posting. Here (attached) a stand alone demonstration (without DDA). Can be readily deployed to observe what I described in my first post.

Thanks. Xavier

select_repeat_XBC_KTB_community.xlsx (12.2 KB)