Choices not visible for a cascading select question


I am facing the same trouble as mentionned by @sjed, when I use the choice-filter column the label suddenly disappear.

What I am trying to achieve is that after asking the information of househods members, I use the previously answered name as the choices to identify the main respondent of the survey.

Strangely enough, when I look into the data collected the calculate fields are being populated so it looks like an issue of reading correctly the fields in the choice column.

Here are two examples so yo can see what is happening, fell free to test as much as you want. You will see that in the XLSForm the unique difference is that cell J29 is populated with the condition for choice filter.

Without choice filter enabled

Let me know if there is any solution to this issue


Since as a new user I cannot put more than two links in a single post, please see the example below with the choice filter enabled:

With choice filter enabled



Welcome to the community @alexis3357! You should now be able to upload the xlsform and screenshots of your issue. This should be helpful and easy for the community to identify your issue quickly.

Hello @Kal_Lam!

is you can see when I use the option “choice filter” in the XLSForm, the fields get filtered appropriately (for a household of 3 I get three choices for the question on who is the respondent) but they are not dinamically populated (they do not take the names from the previous individual repeart.


Now when I remove the option choice filter, the fields are dinamically populated but, as expected, they are not filtered. See the image below


I can’t unfortunately yet upload the XLSForm which is why I left the liks for both (with and without CF) in the above posts. However here is a screenshot of what the survey and choice sheets look like, with the problem framed in red (when ${hh_size_h_c}>=filter is present then I have a survey that look like the first picture)



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Could you also share with us the xlsform so that we could have a closer look at it. Please try to be specific and share only the questions and choices that have issue instead of sharing the entire xlsform. This should help the community to better manage time while helping out.

The XLSForm is available here with choice filter enabled

It is not the full survey, so it includes all the questions that are needed to run the part that creates a problem. The question that creates an issue is on line 29 (respondent)



Could you please change cell J29 to be filter<=${hh_size_h_c} this should definitely sort out your issue.

Test_choicefilter.xlsx (12.5 KB)


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Dear @stephanealoo,

thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it was not working neither. However, when I tried on ODK collect application the display worked perfeclty fine and I guess the issue comes from the web based application that is used by KoboTool box.

The only way to have the name displayed was to put my question on respondent within a repeat (see the attached XLSForm). Then the names from the previous households roster question started to appear.

Test_choicefilter.xlsx (12.8 KB)

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Hi @alexis3357,

A similar issue has been discussed previously (maybe it should be helpful):