Cleaning Project (Deleting Media Attachments)

is there a way to clean project. ex: delete all media files or selective delete from a range of date. ex delete media file from 2017

because i have form with multiple pictures that are important to have in short term but not important to keep for a long period and it will consume too much space on the server

could be good to have this option in the web console or
if it can be done via command line ist ok too … just explain me how i can perform this task

Hi jonat. Wondering if you ever came up with a solution for this? I to would like to batch delete some media files to save space on the server. Thanks!

Welcome to the community, @jamie.broad! Kindly please be informed that our team is working on this feature so that users should be able to delete media attachments from the submissions to save storage space. Will ping you back when this feature goes live. But just to let you know that it could take some time. cc: @jonat

Thank you for the response.

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Hi @Kal_Lam I was wondering if this has been implemented yet and I am just not finding the option.

Many thanks, David

Welcome to the community, @ds1987!

No, not yet! We will update you once we make this feature live.