Collaborative editing - user cannot save form


In the data section tab, it’s possible to edit an existing submission. If I do it alone, this is working fine. But as soon as we are doing this with others (I’ve given the permission to other people), we get an error message asking us to “authenticate us again”.

Example :

User 1 - Load a submission
User 2 - Load another submission
User 1 - Made some changes and want to save the form. An error message appears and asks User 1 to authenticate him again.

Do you know if it is possible to do multiple edits at the same time ?



Hi @geolab, this is an issue we are currently investigating — for the moment please continue edits with a single user at one time or with the bulk edit feature :pray:

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Hi @Josh ,

Thank you very much. I thought that it could be because of a mistake I’ve made !

I will wait.



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hi @Josh thanky you for your support but we are trying to submit in different times with different times but still it gives this error. Do you mind if you explain with more details please
Thanks in advance

Hi @emreozkan90, @geolab, please note that the patch deployment is now on the Kobo and OCHA servers:

@emreozkan90 you can refer to the GitHub issue and PR for some more context on the source of the problem :+1: