Collapsed Table UI after uploading the elsx data

When I upload the elsx data to the web browser, its UI collapses though the preview is show normally.
Could somebody help me to find a solution of this problem?

Hi @hiroki_sanyu and welcome to the community!

Can you elaborate your problem? What do you mean by:

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Thank you for replying, @hakan_cetinkaya .
The first one is `the current view of β€œedit” and the sencond picture is what Preview shows me now,

Initially, I was editing the table as the following picture.
To duplicate a table, I wanted to download xlsx data and upload it again to the browser
but the table could not be shown like this picture after I uploaded the excel data of the questionnaire.
It is difficult for me to edit the table unless it is shown as table when I editing it.


After uploading xlsx data, all tables are shown like the first picture.
To edit the table seeing it as table even after uploading xlsx data, I would like to know how I can do.

@hiroki_sanyu, this is because you are working with the matrix question. You got that correct; initially, when designing the form, you will see the questions in a matrix form, but later on, it changes to the display you shared (in the screenshot). i.e., the form does not stay in the matrix questions like you designed the form. The form will change as you see on the later screen.

Thank you for your kind explanation.
So, does it mean that the matrix question form cannot stay as I designed it initially?
If so, it may be better to delete the matrix question and create new one when we need revise that part.

@hiroki_sanyu, you will see the same format even if you delete the questions and then create another matrix questions.