Colleagues, how can I create a bar code? any topic?

Colleagues, how can I create a bar code? any topic?

@rahmat, could you explain this in detail so that the community could help you out?

Yes, I am sharing the projects from MAIN KOBO Account to Partners Kobo Account. Since the FORMS are shared - Row Level Authorization - Then the Partner need to put thier Username and Password in Smartphones which is Risky. Therefore, in KoboCollect, there is an Option of ADD PROJECT WITH QR CODE. So, my question is, How Can I have this QR Code? Or how can the Partners Create duch QR codes which will be used for Configuration.

Hello @rahmat,
On one local device, you select the project icon on top right and then settings. You set the complete configuration, incl. set admin password at the end.
You follow theses steps
Projekt Settings >> Set ALL configuration elements, incl. restrictions on menus (Access control)
Finally set Admin password!!

Projekt Management >> Reconfigure …

If you close and re-open settings you can validate your configuration, incl… password protection.

But be aware, anyone having the barcode could get access to. your project (this user account). So, the safer way would be to configure each device (by barcode) by an admin person on place, for ex. during training or briefing.

Often you can get answers by

I would like to recommend this before jumping to the forum.