Collect daily data in different places

Hello everyone! I have been working a while with Kobo Toolbox, but in this moment I have the following challenge that I have not been able to solve. I have to collect daily data from different places (more than 1000 places) but some of the data that identifies the origin of these is the same everyday, are repeated everyday for each place. The idea that I have is to generate a QR code for each place, where the user can scan to answer the form, but somehow the form preloads the data that is repetitive (like name of user, name of facility, gps, etc). Something like this is possible? If the answer is no, is there any way to do something similar or to identify the origin of the data automatically? One more thing, the users are farmers with low tech knowledge and little internet access. Thanks you all!

Welcome to the community, @seb_cortes! Yes, this is possible if you combine qrcode/barcode with pulldata function as outlined in the post discussed previously: